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HDR Photography

Don’t Worry, Be Happy, go to Milham Park!

Kalamazoo is the home to lots of special places and Milham Park is way up there on the list. My friend Jill told me about …

Windmill Island, Holland Michigan

It’s Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan and Windmill Island is one of the featured attractions for good reason. It’s a beautiful and leisurely paved …

HDR Photography Resources and Inspiration

I wanted to share some of the websites/resources that have helped me learn about HDR photography, and also those that inspire me. HDR photography …

Good Night, Sleep Tight

There were beautiful, amazing clouds all day long and then this sweet sunset. Sometimes when the sky is like this, I just have to …

This Barn is a Classic

Every year I go to the Glen Arbor area in northern Michigan around this time to drop off work to Syncronicity. I took this …

Happy Valentine’s Day, Especially to Those of You In the Military Away from Your Loved Ones

An email I got a couple of days ago from Dustin, who served in the Marine Corps for five years, made me think about …

Cold & Unforgiving

Yep, that’s what Lake Michigan is link in the winter. I took this photo in January near the Grand Haven Pier in the Grand …

Shiny and Cold!

I woke up. The sun was shining. And, it was deep freeze cold outside, so of course I decided to head to the lakeshore. On …

A Little Something, Something for the Golfers

I know, I know… it’s painful for all you golfers when the greens are covered with snow. So here’s a picture I took at …

Brrrrrr! It’s Cold Outside

Time to cuddle up by the nice warm fireplace after having an adventure outside in the snow. I took this along the shoreline in …

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