HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

July 5th, 2007

Sailboat Rides in Saugatuck

There’s a nice little place for sailboat rides, it launches into this beautiful scene. There’s a little park here too.

Lamborghini Time Out

First thing I noticed when I pulled into the parking lot at Oval Beach in Saugatuck was this incredible Lamborghini. The owner, a prominent …

Oval Beach

I just had to take a photo of this guy with his dog. They were having so much fun together. By the way, admission …

Sandcastles on Oval Beach

Even though it was on a holiday (July 3), Oval Beach in Saugatuck (click for Google map directions to Oval Beach in Saugatuck, MI) …

Saugatuck’s Hidden Treasure

Oval Beach has been deemed by many experts as one of the top beaches in the country. But try to find it, a better …

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