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Iris Farm in Northern Michigan

When I was on my fall color tour this weekend I almost got in a wreck when I saw this cute little iris farm. …

Awesome Fall Color

Want to guess where I went today? I took this inland right around the 45th parallel on private property. The next 2 weeks should …

Dam at the Leslie E. Tassell Park

Today was the most spectacularly perfect fall day I’ve ever experienced. Fall in Michigan is always beautiful, but today was warm and sunny with …

Barns, Memories and My One Armed Fiddler

I think I have a thingy about barns because I can’t help but taking pictures of them. I see this one every time I …

On The Way to Lansing

I took this at the flour plant in Lowell when I was on the way to Lansing. I also took some pictures of our …

Grand Rapids Morning Sky

I got up early to visit the WTRV (The River 100.5 FM) morning show with my client from Allie Design, Dean Weber D.D.S. (of …

Barn Cruise

I know a lot of people who have moved to the Byron Center and Caledonia area. After driving around there, I can see why. …

100th Street

Annie, you’ve got to go take some pictures on 100th Street.” I finally listened to my mom and this is the result. I took …

Lowell Airport

Michigan is dotted with tons of little airports that are full of opportunity, adventure and fun. Here’s a shot of one for my favorite …

Fallasburg Park Magical Bubbles

I had a hard time deciding which Fallasburg Park photo to do first because I like them both so much. There were magical teeny …

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