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One Fine Fall Morning in Ada

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Backroads in Ada, By Ann Teliczan

Even thought I HATE crawling out of bed early in the morning, once I’m up, I’m always glad I made the effort. The morning I took this photo is a perfect example of why. The only thing that would have made the picture better is if I had been the person running down the road and getting some exercise.

This is a typical Michigan fall morning, but I just happened to take it on the backroads in Ada, Michigan.

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  • Max says:

    Go fast and straight ahead to the brand new days of this year number 12 !
    This gravel road with winter trees all around lays down like a friend of us : in its line we trust. The colors of your morning don’t lie, this is a good and fresh and so nice pic of our ways of life !… Have a wonderful week-end, Ann !
    Max from Champagne, France.

  • I just wanted to let you know I stumbled on your blog when searching for pictures of Petoskey, where I’m from. These bring back a lot of memories and a really great pictures. Look forward to seeing more. Josh

  • Cherie says:

    This picture is breath taking. Can I ask what type of filter you used for this photo?

  • Rob says:

    This picture totally reminds me of some of the back roads it takes to get to http://www.darksydeacres.com A Haunted House in Jonesville Michigan around halloween. LOVE IT! great picture!

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