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Barns, Memories and My One Armed Fiddler

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I think I have a thingy about barns because I can’t help but taking pictures of them. I see this one every time I take I-96 back and forth to Lansing and just LOVE the aqua flair on the little building by it.

My maternal grandparents were farmers in Missouri and barns remind me of them. Here’s a YouTube link to the one armed fiddler, my Grandpa Smith. I admired him tremendously because he only had one arm and never let it stop him from doing what he loved, in fact it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I realized what huge obstacles he had overcome, to me he was invincible.

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  • Connie B. says:

    Ann, I just finished watching your Grandpa Smith playing the fiddle on U Tube. I really enjoyed it, he was a very talented person. Pat had told me about his playing the fiddle but seeing him actually playing was a real treat! Thanks for sharing.

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