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Young Kim’s Work at ArtPrize

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One of many clay and sand images.

One of many clay and salt images.

I’ve been caught up in ArtPrize mania as both a participating artist, as well as a spectator. I sure have enjoyed this, and learned a lot. Today, I’d like to share this photo I took of a piece by Young Kim. It’s located downtown but because the venue (47 Commerce) is on a street that’s under construction, it’s a tich off the beaten path.

Young Kim’s work features a body of images (about 50) such as the one to the left of individuals he photographed in Grand Rapids. The images were then developed on site, on the warehouse floor, where they now rest. As you can see by the footprints, they are fragile.

I heard so many positive comments from fellow artists who were disappointed that he didn’t make the Top 10 for ArtPrize, that I had to check this out before it was gone. I hope you will too.

Here’s a link to his ArtPrize page, it will give you a better idea of what the installation looks like.

… and an article by the Grand Rapids Press.

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