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You Never Know What You’ll Discover at Rothbury

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Near midnight hidden in the woods at Rothbury.

Near midnight hidden in the woods at Rothbury.

Tucked away in Sherwood Forest at the Rothbury Music Festival is the Speak EZ stage. It’s a bit of a secret and things don’t really start to get going there until later in the evening. I wandered upon this performance when it was being set up and was glad I stayed. When it got really, really dark, a woman wearing all white danced to techno funk music behind constantly changing graphics and imagery. The effect was stunning and interesting. If anyone knows who the artist is, could you please post this in the comments section? Thanks, Ann

Click here for a link to another amazing performer who was at Rothbury this year on the Speak EZ stage as well as during The String Cheese Incident performance, you won’t believe what she can do with a hula hoop.

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