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Whew! My ArtPrize Entry is Installed!

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Me (Ann Teliczan) with ArtPrize entry, now installed at Spectrum Health, Butterworth campus' main lobby.

Ann’s ArtPrize Voting Code: vote33051 ... Me (Ann Teliczan) with my ArtPrize entry, now installed at Spectrum Health, Butterworth campus' main lobby.

I just got back from Spectrum Health, where my ArtPrize entry is now in place. They were so nice to me and pros at installing my work. I’m always a little nervous about transporting and installing a piece this large and heavy.

About my technique: The work, titled LifeFlow, is 3 panels, each being 24″ wide x 36″ high. I used a technique that I taught myself. I combine huge digital captures from a scanner, a few photos, and then redraw the images on my computer, followed by over painting the resulting work, once it’s printed, with mica in a form where it retains translucency. You can’t tell from this photo, but in person, the mica creates a luminous effect that changes when you view the work from different angles. All told, the files used to create the image are HUGE, each file I worked with is over 3 gigabytes when uncompressed. The mica I paint with is a mineral and in powder form. One more thing, I love to garden, and I picked the flowers from my gardens, lotus bog and woods.

What inspired LifeFlow: This piece was created to reflect the beauty and transformations of life. It features a lotus pod, which represents a new beginning as well as an ending. Interestingly, the lotus pod is also a natural mandala. The lily’s represent life and if you look closely in the background, you’ll see upside down buildings, and flowers that look like people. I like to create work with positive energy and that makes people feel good. We all need more of that.

Location: You can see this piece at the Spectrum Health, Butterworth Campus main lobby, it’s right by the fireplace when you walk in the main hospital entrance (where the valet parking is).

Ann’s ArtPrize Voting Codes: vote33051

Buying Work from Ann: Yes, this piece is for sale, it’s $7,500 and I also accept commissioned work. Please call me at 616-560-4570 if interested.

So, there you have it, I hope you’ll get a chance to see this, and, of course I’d appreciate your vote… first place is $250,ooo and the winner is determined by the number of votes they receive from the public. The official voting to determine the top ten finalists is from September 23 – September 30. Here’s a link to ArtPrize voting information. Please see the following post for ArtPrize voter registration sites.

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