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Where’s the PEOPLE?

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Manistee Beauty, Just 2 Hours from Grand Rapids

Manistee Beauty, Just 2 Hours from Grand Rapids

I just got back from a weekend in Manistee and was amazed at both the beauty and how few people were there. Here’s a link to the area I took this off Lakeshore Beach Drive. The first time I saw Manistee was about three years ago and I was blown away by what a hidden treasure this place is. There’s still time to soak up some summertime beauty, sun and waves up north, why not head to Manistee? It’s only two hours from Grand Rapids, check it oouuuttt!

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  • inge@claus says:

    hi ann, you captured the true beauty,and yes it is a hidden treasure….well worth visiting……
    don’t forget the ice cream…..on the way out of town

  • Terri says:

    My husband and I love Manistee. We wish some love would be bestowed on the lovely little downtown district. Such a forgotten gem.

  • Steven says:

    We have been asking that question for years, “Where is everyone?!”.

    It’s nice to not be busy all the time, but it’s unfortunate that Manistee isn’t attracting visitors.

    The downtown needs a major awakening!

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