HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Wading Creek in Warren Townsend Park

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This creek is located in Warren Townsend Park in Cannonsburg. When I happened upon the creek children were laughing and playing in the water. But by the time I got set up, they had moved on to run across the nearby bridge. A lot of couples get married here too.

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  • melody ross says:

    Hi Ann!
    My goodness! I have just spent a considerable amount of time looking at your stunning images…you are an incredible ‘capturer’ of life’s beauty! I love Idaho more than just about any place in the world, but you are making me want to move to Michigan! Thanks so much for posting this on my blog…I hope lots of people visit….it will be a bright spot in their day. Just beautiful!!!!
    melody ross

  • Stan Teliczan says:

    Hello, Ann.
    I have you on my weekly “Google alerts”, and have the pleasure of seeing your wonderful photos around the State of Michigan. You do good work! Thanks for spreading the beautiful visuals of our great state. Stan (Xavier) Teliczan

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