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Thunderstruck by Artprize

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Yesterday, I decided to take a trip to downtown Grand Rapids and volunteer at ArtPrize headquarters. I have to tell you that after seeing what I saw, you need to know, this is a big, big deal. If you are from anywhere near Grand Rapids, you will be sorry you missed out, if you don’t make it in to see this. Wherever you come from, if you love art, again, you will wish you made it to this event.

As an artist, I volunteered to help support ArtPrize because it helps us all, and to check out the competition. I was curious because I just didn’t know what to expect. I live about 15 minutes from downtown Grand Rapids and as I drove into town, I could literally feel the excitement. Artists were everywhere relaxing, working and checking out the sites. The work to be exhibited is inspiring and incredibly diverse. I love this because it exposes so many creative solutions and ways of thinking that it is opening my mind in a way I had never imagined.

I hope you will make it to ArtPrize, it’s a unique event that’s a little confusing until you actually come to town and see it happen.

Here’s downloadable maps from The Grand Rapids Press to the venues where art will be shown.

Map A Download Map B with Downtown Venues For those interested in seeing my entry, I will be at Venue #124 (shown on Map A), at Spectrum Health, Butterworth campus in the lobby off Michigan Street. You will need to download and print both of these maps, they need to be viewed together, viewed alone, they won’t make sense.

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