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The Holy Grail of Grand Rapids Sled Hills

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Belknap Park, behind Griff's Ice House ... the sledding hill.

Have you been searching for the ultimate sled hill? The sled hill where you want to prepare with helmets, padding, bandages and slings because it’s so high and fast? Well, this one is probably it for Grand Rapids. Note the antennas to the right, it’s a high point of the city.

To find the hill, it’s a little tricky, so of course I’ve provided a google map link for your convenience, just click here. The hill is located near Division and Coldbrook on the Northeast side of Grand Rapids behind the Griffs Icehouse at Belknap Park. There is convenient parking in the Griffs Icehouse parking lot, and then you just walk to the back of the building and Whah Lah, sled time.

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