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Fallasburg Park

It was a really gloomy overcast day and I was racking my brain to think of where I could get a nice photo and …

Scary Dad Swan of Whitehall

Scary dad swan? Read the post below, you’ll understand.

Swans of Whitehall

I took this picture in Whitehall with my friend Lisa. The swans were off in the distance but Lisa managed to score some bread …

White River Lighthouse

Here’s the same spot where I took the picture of the dragonfly. This is the Little Point Sable Lighthouse in Whitehall. Whoops, thanks to …

Lilly Pad Park

Okay, so technically this isn’t really called Lilly Pad Park, but it should be. I took this picture in a little park off the …

Chief Hazy Cloud Park

You would not believe the grossness I walked through to get this shot. The best photo angle was through a mucky swampy area though, …

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