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There’s boat harbors everywhere in Michigan that look just like this as the sun sets. I took this photo in Muskegon after a relaxing …

Good Night, Sleep Tight

There were beautiful, amazing clouds all day long and then this sweet sunset. Sometimes when the sky is like this, I just have to …

Grand Rapids Condo Living At Sunset

There has been a surge of people seeking condos in downtown Grand Rapids and it’s easy to see why when you spend some time …

Looking Out A Window

I realize there are a lot of incredible places in this world. But, I must say I am constantly awed by how beautiful it …

Crash Clouds!

I love, Love, LOVE the clouds in Michigan. So much so that I have to watch it when I’m driving on a beautiful day …

Reflected Sunset

I took this the other day in downtown Grand Rapids as the sun was starting to set. Everything took on this surreal orangy, pinky …

Ada Under the Bridge by the Dam

I took this by the covered bridge in Ada, along the bank. This is just a very peaceful pretty place.

Beautiful Farm

For the last ten years, every time I’ve driven by this farm, I’ve said to myself, “Hmmmm, I think I’ll take a picture of …

Chief Hazy Cloud Park

You would not believe the grossness I walked through to get this shot. The best photo angle was through a mucky swampy area though, …

Manistee Propeller

This huge propeller is located near the pier in Manistee’s Douglas Park, you can read more about the park and get a google map …

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