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Leelanau Peninsula

Lavender Fields Forever

I love lavender. I love the way it looks, smells and makes me feel. So of course when I heard about the largest lavender …

I Wanted to Drive Down This Road, But Alas, It Was Private Property

If you drive around the Leelanau Peninsula for any length of time, you’ll happen upon ¬†historic looking little places that make you feel like …

Mmmmm… It Reminds Me Of Washington

For a short time I lived in Washington State when I was a little girl. Other than the rain every day, I remember seeing …

Fishtown (Leland, MI)

Leland, Michigan is also known as “Fishtown” around here. I suspect that the Leelanau Peninsula is one of the best kept secrets in the …

Fall Up North

I’ve been saving this for a day when I’m tired of winter pictures and ready for a warm day. I took the HDR photo …

Leelanau Barn

On my color tour up north, I saw this barn, off in the distance when I was traveling on a side street off M-72 …

We’ve Got The Power

I saw this when I was up north on my color tour. It made me happy to see Michigan starting to make strides in …

Big Sky

I was lucky I didn’t get into any wrecks when I first moved to Michigan. I was constantly distracted by the most beautiful skies …

Glorious Spring

I was on my way back from dropping art off at Synchronicity in Glen Arbor and took a detour through the woods here. It …

Chickens at the Side of the Road

There’s been several times when I’ve driven by this house and saw these chickens outside. If you’re up this way, you may see them …

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