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Favorite Northern Michigan Campgrounds

Michigan’s fun loving Kid Rock was probably singing about this Michigan campsite or one like it in his hit song “All Summer Long” where …

Is it fall already?

  This year the fall colors are AMAZING! I’m catching the tail end of it here in the West Michigan area. At least this …

Chinese Lantern Launch at ArtPrize

Last night there was a Chinese lantern launch in Grand Rapids. It was an ArtPrize entry and one of the most magical, joyful, lighthearted …

What’s With Me and the Chickens?

You know, I do have a disproportionate number of posts about chickens.  I get such a kick out of the way they strut around …

Lavender Fields Forever

I love lavender. I love the way it looks, smells and makes me feel. So of course when I heard about the largest lavender …

Noah Told Me So

After hearing about the virtues of the Newaygo County area for some time now from my family up north, I decided to have my …

Taking a Walk at a Favorite Place

So, can you guess where I took this photo? I gave you a huge hint when I said it was a favorite place… I …

Awesome Red Lighthouse

Today was the first day this year that really, really felt like we are going to have a summer, yes! I had to dig …

Shhh! Do Not Disturb the Baby Bluebirds!

I LOVE wild birds, and baby bluebirds are my favorite. Every spring they flock to an ornamental fruit tree in my back yard and …

I Wanted to Drive Down This Road, But Alas, It Was Private Property

If you drive around the Leelanau Peninsula for any length of time, you’ll happen upon  historic looking little places that make you feel like …

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