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Sunshine, Grass & Summer

Okay, Michigan truly is a sweet spot, but I’ve got to admit I’m a little weary of winter now. In fact, I’m boycotting it …


If you live in Michigan, or have visited here, I’ll bet you’re longing for a day like this. Here’s something to think about to …

Greater Grand Rapids Food Systems Council

I took this shot at the Lubbers farm on the Northwest side of Grand Rapids on Luce Street. They are members of a group …

Golf in Greenville

For all of you golf lovers, there’s a beautiful golf course in Greenville. I took this near the clubhouse at the Greenville Country Club. …

Barn Cruise

I know a lot of people who have moved to the Byron Center and Caledonia area. After driving around there, I can see why. …

3 Ducks

I saw these little ducks just waddling along saying “hi” to everyone they passed in Hemlock Park in Big Rapids.

100th Street

Annie, you’ve got to go take some pictures on 100th Street.” I finally listened to my mom and this is the result. I took …

Reeds Lake

John A. Collins Park at Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids is a perfect place to go on a lazy, warm day. Everyone was …

Horsing Around

There’s just something about horse farms that amazes me. I love the fences and grass and magnificence of the horses. I see a lot …

Lowell Airport

Michigan is dotted with tons of little airports that are full of opportunity, adventure and fun. Here’s a shot of one for my favorite …

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