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Making the most of your Michigan summer should include going to places that embrace Michigan’s farmland, and the wonderful growing season we have here. …

Ruth’s Garden

My friend Ruth sure knows how to garden! I was over at her house this summer and took this… any idea what it is?

Lotus to Make You Smile

Amidst all the doom and gloom on the news, it’s easy to forget about the simple things in life that give us joy and …

Sunshine, Grass & Summer

Okay, Michigan truly is a sweet spot, but I’ve got to admit I’m a little weary of winter now. In fact, I’m boycotting it …

I Chased this Butterfly all Over My Yard

So today I’m just sitting outside minding my own business and this most incredible butterfly flutters on by. I wound up chasing it all …

Children’s Park at FMG

This sculpture of children playing graces the entry to the children’s park at the Frederik Meijer Gardens. There is a fountain in the center …

Dragonfly Queen of Whitehall

Dragonfly’s are abundant in Michigan this time of year. I was sure this one would fly away when I tried to take her picture, …

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