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Give the People What They Want

I’ve been noticing a LOT of people are finding my BLOG by searching for barns. Therefore I’ll be adding more barns for ya’ll in …

Leelanau Barn

On my color tour up north, I saw this barn, off in the distance when I was traveling on a side street off M-72 …

Iris Farm in Northern Michigan

When I was on my fall color tour this weekend I almost got in a wreck when I saw this cute little iris farm. …

Barns, Memories and My One Armed Fiddler

I think I have a thingy about barns because I can’t help but taking pictures of them. I see this one every time I …

Barn Cruise

I know a lot of people who have moved to the Byron Center and Caledonia area. After driving around there, I can see why. …

Horsing Around

There’s just something about horse farms that amazes me. I love the fences and grass and magnificence of the horses. I see a lot …

This Little Piggy

Every time I’d drive by this farm I’d see these pigs playing in the mud. I had to stop and take a picture, this …

Suspicious Horses

This farm with horses was right next to the sunflower field pictures I took. The horses were watching me the whole time I was …

Beautiful Farm

For the last ten years, every time I’ve driven by this farm, I’ve said to myself, “Hmmmm, I think I’ll take a picture of …

Hay Harvest

This is a typical sight in the summer when you get a little inland throughout northern Michigan. I just had to take this picture …

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