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Who Knew Farm Silos Were So Pretty?

So… when my friend Peggy and I were getting lost in Amish land looking for the “perfect Amish photo” I saw this very striking …

I Had No Clue!

I’m almost a little embarrassed to admit that up until I took this picture, I had never “met” a goat before. These little stinkers …

Civil War Era Barn

I was driving along in the country, hunting for interesting barns and I happened on this old red barn. The owner told me that …

Sleepy Piggy

This little piggy was snoozing away at Lubbers farm. It just gave me one of those “I’d prefer not to be disturbed looks” and …

Brick Silos & Michigan Primary

I took this photo at an incredible farm on Grand River Drive in Ada. When I get my wide angle lens, I’ll be back …

Sweetie Pie

Okay, I don’t really know if that’s this calf’s name but it sure is sweet and cute. I’ve loved cows ever since I was …

Lubbers Family Farm

Many people are learning about the benefits of pasture fed, unprocessed full fat milk. It’s hard to get though and the Lubbers Family Farm …

Northern Michigan Sheep

I haven’t seen many sheep farms here in Michigan so had to take this shot when I was traveling in northern Michigan on my …

Raising Kids In Michigan

Those of us lucky enough to call metro Grand Rapids home have discovered this is a great place to raise children. The city is …

Barn Across the Street

I took this photo on 100th street, it’s across the street from the place I posted earlier this week. Check back soon for tips …

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