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Ice Skating at Rosa Parks Circle

It’s February and Michigan, which makes it the perfect time to go ice skating. Tonight I went to Rosa Parks Circle in Grand Rapids …

Happy Holidays!

I hope you all have a most excellent holiday season! I’m eagerly anticipating taking lots of pictures for my blog over the next week …

Reflected Sunset

I took this the other day in downtown Grand Rapids as the sun was starting to set. Everything took on this surreal orangy, pinky …

Christmas in Grand Rapids

Christmas in Michigan, it’s a beautiful place to be. I took this in downtown Grand Rapids near the new art museum and bbbrrrrrrrrrr was …

Grand Rapids Morning Sky

I got up early to visit the WTRV (The River 100.5 FM) morning show with my client from Allie Design, Dean Weber D.D.S. (of …

Another View of Church

Because of the construction in downtown Grand Rapids, you can see things from a different perspective than before. I’ve always been curious about the …

Artisan’s Market

Every Sunday from 11AM-3PM, through October, there’s an artisan’s market on Fulton Street in Grand Rapids. It’s where the Farmer’s market is during other …

Grand Rapids Night Another View

Here’s another shot of the new Grand Rapids skyline at night. I took this on top of a metal staircase, leading up to a …

Grand Rapids Night Sky

The new JW Marriott in downtown Grand Rapids has made the night sky even more interesting. You can see it in this shot, it …

Everyone Takes this Photo!

Pretty much everyone who takes a shot of downtown Grand Rapids has to take this one, me included! Hey, it looks like someone got …

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