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Reflected Sunset

I took this the other day in downtown Grand Rapids as the sun was starting to set. Everything took on this surreal orangy, pinky …

Grand Rapids Art Museum

I love the new Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM). It’s big, modern and full of provoking, inspirational art. There’s much more about the museum …

Circle Theatre

Circle Theatre in Grand Rapids is a great venue to see local plays in an intimate environment. I heard about it years ago from …

Another View of Church

Because of the construction in downtown Grand Rapids, you can see things from a different perspective than before. I’ve always been curious about the …


I fell in love with Pentwater when my mother-in-law took me there to an “Arts and Craps” Show (my disgruntled father-in-law’s term, not mine.) …

Forest Hills Fine Arts Center

Actions speak louder than words and the Forest Hills Fine Arts Center (FHFAC) is a perfect example of this. From the staff, to the …


This is a photo of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. Gerald R. Ford chose Grand Rapids to be his final resting place and …

Chimera Design

I found out about Chimera Design after at least ten friends over the course of about six months told me there was this great, …

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