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Get Wild… At Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park

  Summer is a great time to go out for an adventure with kids and I’ve got the perfect place for you. Boulder Ridge …

Shhh! Do Not Disturb the Baby Bluebirds!

I LOVE wild birds, and baby bluebirds are my favorite. Every spring they flock to an ornamental fruit tree in my back yard and …

Cold Ducks!

It was sooo cold when I took this all I could think was how on earth can these ducks keep from freezing to death? …

Dogs of Winter

It’s cold but at least the sun is shining! This is the perfect time of the year to find a nice trail and go …

Horsing Around

There’s just something about horse farms that amazes me. I love the fences and grass and magnificence of the horses. I see a lot …

This Little Piggy

Every time I’d drive by this farm I’d see these pigs playing in the mud. I had to stop and take a picture, this …

Suspicious Horses

This farm with horses was right next to the sunflower field pictures I took. The horses were watching me the whole time I was …

I Chased this Butterfly all Over My Yard

So today I’m just sitting outside minding my own business and this most incredible butterfly flutters on by. I wound up chasing it all …

Frog in My Pond

One of the advantages to living in Michigan is ponds, streams, rivers and lakes everywhere. And with that comes one of my favorite creatures, …

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