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Sunflower Field

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On my birthday excursion up north, I got lost taking the back roads to Pentwater. But as luck would have it, this beautiful sunflower field was waiting for me. There were sunflowers as far as the eye could see. If you’d like to see this field, it is on Fruitvale Road near the William Road intersection in Montague, click for the Google map link.



  • Beth says:

    Hi Anne,
    I’m just catching up on your site. Running through your photos always puts a smile on my face. Beautiful! You are lucky to have the time and opportunity to capture these wonderful images. I particularly love this photo of the sunflower field. Wow!

    • Susan Nelson says:

      i know the people that own that field. We live on Fruitvale Rd

      • Tiffany says:

        To the person that knows the owner of the sunflower filed on Fruitvale Rd — I was wondering how to contact them, I would like to ask their permission to take pictures in their field =) I am hoping you see this post … reply to this comment and i will give you my contact info.


  • Flowers Types Of Flowers Amy Rose…

    I didn’t agree with you first, but last paragraph makes sense for me…

  • susan nelson says:

    I dont want to post thier names here on the internet but any local farm or business would tell you or probably related to the owners.

  • Brad Leyten says:

    Beautiful photo, I love the composure and great job on the HDR processing! I’m just learning how to create HDR images and I love it.

    I found your site while looking for locations of sunflower fields in Michigan. Thanks for posting the Google Maps link!!

  • Brenda Woodman says:

    Does any one know if this still exists for this year; I’m looking for a place to shoot sunflowers, is simply for personal use, not professional. I’ve always loved sunflowers


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