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Statue of Ingnatius Petoskey

, / 1486 1

This bronze statue of the founder of Peoskey stands on a limestone pedestal on a hill over US-31 looking out towards the bay. Philanthropist Robert Jensen Dau commissioned the statue to honor Petoskey who moved here to save his children.

I think it says so much about a community when it features art as part of the public landscape. That’s one thing that a lot of the cities in northern Michigan have in common.

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  • Pat Gundry says:

    Being a curious soul I wanted to know the details on why Petoskey needed to save his children, and from what. After reading a few items linked to his name on Google.com I discovered that his name is an anglicized version of a Native American name. And that, when living on the Illinois side of Lake Michigan, he was told his children would be taken away to government schools whether he wanted them to be or not. So, he loaded them into a canoe, and took his family across the lake to settle in the area that now bears his name. It’s an interesting read.

    Thanks, Ann, for setting me on the trail.

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