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Speak EZ at The Rothbury Music Festival

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Running the Show at the Hidden Speakeasy Stage

Running the Show at the Secret Speak EZ Stage

Lots of my friends have been asking for more, more, more details about The Rothbury Music Festival this year. So I will give them to you! The best way I can describe Rothbury is “unexpected.” By this I mean, there’s just nothing to compare it to. The whole experience is over the top, maybe that’s why more than 50,000 people attended this year, that’s up about 20,00 from last year.

One example is at the Speak EZ Stage and bar. It’s hidden in Sherwood Forest, in fact, I didn’t even know about it until my son Ryan told me about the stage. The Speak EZ is tucked back in the woods and has a burlesque look and feel to it. Artists perform at this stage with everything from burlesque to experimental art. I took this photo as an impromptu show was being set up for a performing, experimental artist… more on that later, I took photos.

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  • Chris says:

    Hi Ann,

    I’m sorry we weren’t able to connect on site but I will definately be follow your posts here.

    The Speak EZ stage was crazy, especially the burlesque show. I’d like to get your son’s perspective on Rothbury, too.

    Excellent shots of Rothbury! It was good to see some of the shows I couldn’t get to. Great photos can always transport you there even if you were not. Thanks for being a live concert portal!

    Were the offical attendance numbers 50,000? I heard it was around 32,000 via the Muskegon Chronicle. Let me know because I felt like there were a lot less people there this year than last year.

    • teliczan says:

      Hi Chris, I heard unofficial numbers of 50,000. I’m curious what the actual numbers were. I though that The Dead concert was the biggest crowd I had seen there. I’ll see if I can get my son to write some Rothbury comments here. He had a great time and drove up from Steamboat Springs to attend, said it was totally worth it and that he would do it again.

  • Steve Ockerman says:

    Thanks for the photos, Ann. More please! I’m checking them out when you post them and sharing with others.

    • teliczan says:

      Thanks Steve, I’ll keep them coming… hey, when are you going to have another outing at your cottage? I want to take some pics, that was really fun last year!

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