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Sledding Hills in Grand Rapids, Michigan (2)

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Get out and enjoy the snow before it all melts, go sledding! Here’s the other side of the hill at Richmond Hills Park in Grand Rapids, MI. And, a couple more great sledding places in Grand Rapids, with google map links so you can get there quicker: The hill at Union High School; and Lookout Hill at Belknap Park. Where do you like to go sledding? My readers would love to hear your comments, the last sledding post was incredibly popular, seems like a lot of people are looking for this.

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  • telfair says:

    Down here in Farmington, they set up a great sledding hill at the school near the intersection of Shiawassee and 12 Mile — it’s pretty steep but they set up hay bales at the bottom & keep a good eye on the proceedings. If you live down in this neck of the woods, it’s perfect!


  • teliczan says:

    Thanks for expanding the sledding options to include Farmington, I want to have more information about the east side of the state on my blog too.

  • Khürt says:

    Your photos are awesome! Have you ever taken photos of Ann Arbor? I am a UM (MSEE ’94) alum and I miss it.

  • teliczan says:

    Hi Khurt, Thanks! I haven’t taken any photos of Ann Arbor yet> I love Ann Arbor though and plan on going there sometime soon to take pics. Any ideas of some good places for me to go to?

  • Andrew says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I googled “grand rapids sledding” and this was the first entry. I love your pictures BTW!

  • Manny says:

    when do these places close? all these sledding locations?

    • teliczan says:

      Hi Manny, these are all sledding locations, and I don’t think that any of them close, because they are open areas with no admission fees.

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