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Sledding in Grand Rapids, MI

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Richmond Hills Park, Grand Rapids, MI
Happy New Year! When I woke up to a fresh blanket of snow, I knew what I had to do today. I blasted off to my favorite sledding spots to take some pictures. This is a picture of kids lining up on the hill at Richmond Hills Park on Grand Rapids’ northwest side, it’s great place to go sledding with a long, sloping hill, beautiful woods and a pond at the bottom of the hill. Here’s a google map link to the park.


  • inge@claus says:

    good morning ann,enjoyed your michigan sweet spot, with all the fun for the kids…
    someday you have to join in the michibay scenery ….in the gods country way
    we had 5″ over night and still snowing after the january saw.

  • Jim says:

    Hey there, just wonderd if I could get some info on your maintenance program. Iam trying to put together a hill here in our community, and needed to do some research onother hills. some questions are do you charge anything,is there anyone on site while sledding,and was there anything you would or would not have done to the hill different if you would of had the chance. thank you for your time.

  • teliczan says:

    Hi Jim, here’s what I know about this hill. there’s no admission charge to this or any of the sledding hills featured on my site. I don’t think there is anyone on site when people are sledding. I can’t answer the last question because I don’t know. One other thing that may be helpful is if my blog is any indication, the community is very interested in sledding hills. I’ve had a lot of search engine inquiries and visitors looking for sledding hills. Good luck with your hill!

  • Lori says:

    This hill is just a few blocks from where I grew up. I spent many winters sledding at Richmond Park. They used to have stairs embedded into the hill to help make the climb back up the hill. I remember at times though, it became very slippery. A hand-rail would have been helpful.

    The hill was well lit and, while there was no one on duty watching the hill, there were usually some staff at a nearby building where one could go to get warmed up and grab a cup of hot chocolate. At the bottom of the hill was a pond that they used to “flood-over” and turn into a skating pond. As far as I know, they have not used the pond for skating in several years.

    • Robert Ervin says:

      I grew up on Bristol NW. In the winter was “The Hill” Summer time we spent in the cemetary woods on the corner of Bristol and Richmond. Those were the days.

  • deb says:

    does anyone know if it is still lit at night? and what time the lights go off?

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