HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Shiny and Cold!

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Just beyond the dune, is the mighty Lake Michigan

I woke up. The sun was shining. And, it was deep freeze cold outside, so of course I decided to head to the lakeshore. On the way to Grand Haven, I was admiring the pretty blue sky, the wind whipped snow glittering on the vast fields of nothing and… what’s that in my rear view mirror? Why, it’s a jacked up truck tailgating me with a huge American flag mounted to the truck gate and flapping in the wind. Welcome to Michigan. You never know what to expect.

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  • inge@claus says:

    my sentiments.too check your e-mail..inge

  • Peggy says:

    Wow! That”s beautiful, Ann. To the untrained and out- of-state eye it almost looks like what they refer to in Florida as “sugar sand.”

  • teliczan says:

    Thanks Inge and Peggy… it does look like sugar sand, powdered sugar sand (your favorite)!

  • Max says:

    You know what ? This pic remembers me some paintings I love, with the pointed details of grass emerging from the snow. Yes, I feel Andrew Wyeth’s breathing heart through your dune shot. Marvellously impressive !…

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