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Rothbury’s Sherwood Forest at Night

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Rothbury Music Festival Sherwood Forest at Night
Everyone kept telling me, “You HAVE to see Sherwood Forest at night and get a picture of it.” They were right, think of huge old pine trees decorated and lit up with black lights… yes, it was incredible this is the photo I took although you really had to be there to truly appreciate it.

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  • B says:

    Incredible! As you mentioned, the attention to detail seems outstanding. Definitely a must-see next time around!

    – B

  • teliczan says:

    Thanks for commenting, I agree!

  • […] she had some pics, which are pretty amazing.  The most impressive of these, to me, are of “Sherwood Forest”.  That image alone was enough to take this event from my “keeping an eye on” category to […]

  • Woodsman says:

    The woods was among my favorite things about Rothbury – especially at night. Rothbury music festival had so many things to offer I was not able to see them all. I first walked through the woods on Wednesday night while they were still setting up the sculptured tarps. The lights were already going though – I returned on Friday night, twice on Saturday night/Sunday morning and once Sunday night. Did you see reincarnation and the stage? Did you see the pods? Did you see the man getting tied up on Friday night? As I said, so many things I saw and yet so many things I know I missed. The festival experience is my best in nearly 40 years on this planet. Fantastic.

  • […] Teliczan put up a nice HDR shot of Sherwood here.  I hope she posts some more, I love HDR […]

  • Susanw says:

    great pics. where can I buy this shot?
    My 19 yr. daughter attended/worked at Rothbury and I would like to get this for her. It was her first rock fest and she came home saying it was a life changing event. I’m sure she would love to hang this in her dorm room At UIC to get her thru the long cold Chicago winter.

  • Peggy says:

    Wow, that’s REALLY cool.

  • It is beautiful and fantastic photo.

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