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Ann Teliczan at ArtPrize: Oh Yeah, ArtPrize at Frederik Meijer Gardens

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Balloon Chain by Robert Bose (with collaborator Michael Cha) at the Frederik Meijer Gardens. Voting code: 46481

I was coming home from the downtown ArtPrize celebrations tonight and got sidetracked when my friend Lisa told me that the lights above the Frederik Meijer Gardens were amazing. So of course I went there instead of going home.

“The lights” are an ArtPrize entry called “Balloon Chain” by Robert Bose. His entry is particularly striking at night and this is a don’t miss entry. While I was talking to Robert, I could hear onlookers gasping in awe and saying “Get out! Wow! Can you believe that!” Yes, it’s that cool.

Post and HDR photo by Ann Teliczan.

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