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My Happy Place

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Solomon's Seal and Flowering Plum Trees

I took this photo around a month ago when my flowering plum tree dropped it’s petals after a storm. This is my happy place to relax and smell the fresh Michigan air.

Another one of my happy places is the Frederik Meijer Gardens, which is celebrating their 15th anniversary this year. I’m planning on going there soon and taking photos of the Chihuly: A New Eden Exhibit, it’s truly amazing with his work at 15 sites.


  • Max says:

    Sure it was a hard day’s afternoon.
    No choice, no chance.
    However I’ve to hate that gloom,
    Just climbing over Ann’s fence.

    Everything, everywhere, everyone seem to feel good here. “Could you dig ?”, asks the old bluesman. Dig for treasures in the name of Mother Nature. Dig for love and beauty under these sweet comforting colors. The plum tree petals are laying on the green ground as golden rays among our dreams. I like this peaceful picture after my exhausting Tuesday. In fact your Happy Place is a part of promised land, don’t you know ?…

    (I don’t think that I really use the right words. I hope everybody here will understand what I mean. Not easy to write american so far away from school…)

  • teliczan says:

    Max, you always use the right words, thanks for the delightful comment from France.

  • anna says:

    You would love Fernwood Botanical Gardens. It’s a two-hour drive from GR, but it’s absolutely breathtaking. We hunted it down last year, and had a wonderful, wonderful time. Seriously consider going out there, especially in spring when everything is in bloom. 🙂

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