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Moody Day on the Farm

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Lubbers Farm

Lubbers Farm

I took this photo on Lubbers Farm in the early spring. It won’t be too long before it starts warming up. This is a great place to go for locally grown food, plus, I the Lubbers’ are great to know.

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  • Laura Jeffress says:

    If I still lived in Michigan, I would definitely support this farm…even though these Lubbers’ are not related to me as far as I know.
    This concept is fantastic, I’m vegetarian and I would do cow-share for sure. Very cool Annie. Do you have a cow yet?

  • Peggy says:

    This almost looks like a painting, Ann. You have to introduce me to this in the spring. Your photos are GREAT!

  • ricksmoak says:

    Nice texture and feel.

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