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Mid Michigan Road Trip!!!

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Awesome Old Barn Along Route
I took this photo of an old, old barn on my mid Michigan road trip. Usually when I’m going somewhere, I just want to blast over there in the straightest, fastest route possible. But, ever since Captain Cutie Pie gave me a Garmon GPS, I try to take some extra time and choose the scenic route on the back roads. Why? It’s more fun and now I know I won’t get lost.

Here’s a great drive that I discovered on my way up North, there’s lots of old barns, and beautiful, beautiful farmland. I highly recommend it. Take a look at this Google map I made special for you, it shows the drive, I stopped about 1/2 way up 66, but you just might want to keep going. And for you guys up north, take the drive down to see us here in lower Michigan! More pics of my trip coming next week.

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  • Max says:

    Waouh ! I always say the same thing when I visit your great site. You know this barn is a part of Michigan history and consciousness. And you’re right with the secondary roads : they always bring you in authenticity and make you open the eyes on diamond pictures. I love these green and grey. I think they put a modern touch on the building frailty. Thank you, Ann, for your magic vision of american landscapes !
    Max from France.

  • laudu says:

    Ann, this picture is a little reminscent of a Norman Rockwell portrait. You capture the essence of this part of our state so wonderfully.

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