HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Michigan Ice Storm Consolation Prize

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Michigan Ice storm with icy trees

Ice storm diamonds are a trees best friend.

Early this morning I was greeted by two messages, one by Inge, and one by my mom. Both of whom wanted to make sure that I knew I would be missing a great chance to take a picture for this blog. As my mom put it, “there’s ice diamonds on the trees.” Amazingly, it’s been that way all day, which is somewhat of a consolation for me because I am sick and tired of winter. Actually, literally sick. I have a cold. I’m thinking of venturing out to take more pictures because it’s just so pretty out right now.


  • peggy says:

    Love it Ann. Glad you were able to capture the magical beauty of the ice on the trees.

  • melissakoski says:

    It was a beautiful day, but I too am so sick of winter and not motivated to go out and take many pictures. (and 16° today?!? I mean really….) The sun was lovely though!

    Hope you feel better soon.


    p.s. I think my Uncle Xave (Stan) Teliczan is a relative of yours perhaps? My Mom had mentioned this a few years back after I mentioned some of your art I saw in Lowell.

    • teliczan says:

      Thanks Peggy! Melissa, you are correct, Uncle Xave is my husband’s cousin. All those Teliczans are related one way or another : )

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