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Michigan Botanicals

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Red Botanicals
Hey, whatever happened to that 60 degree weather we were promised today??? I’m fine with the rain, as long as we get the heat wave along with it. I was hoping for a day that felt like this one. Oh well, I can feel it, spring is in the air.

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  • Max says:

    Oh, dear Ann !
    I’ve discovered your marvellous photographs a few weeks ago. I can’t look away from these incredible colors and emotions. I think you talk about Michigan with a new voice. I’ve seen a lot of pictures about United States, great scenics wonders of deserts or coastal wilderness, but your plains, your hills and your lakes beat like the heart of authentic America. Just a little bit romantic, so powerfull, so fine.

    I would like to promote your job all over the world. I’m writing now some lines about a french author named Alain Bosquet. He was passionate by Michigan area and plains, he had published a book in 1967, “Middle West”, in which descriptions are in perfect harmony with your pics. Really, Ann, I would like to illustrate his poetry with some of your jewels and post them on my humble blog “Sound, words, colors”. The link “Michigansweetspot” could bring people in front of a unique, human, sensual expression of natural beauty. Would you accept such an artistic marriage, Ann ?
    Whatever you say, thank you for your magic eye !

    (Excuse me for my shaky writing, I’ve learnt english at school 35 years ago…)

    Max, from Châlons-en-Champagne, France.

  • teliczan says:

    Max, first off, thank you for the ultimate comment, compliment and totally making my day! Wow and all the way from France! And, yes you have my full-hearted permission to use my photos on your blog as long as you give me a photo credit and link back to this blog whenever you use one of them. I think I’ll check out Alain Bosquet and would love to see the blog you are talking about. Appreciatively, Ann

  • layniloo says:

    Oh wow! fantastic photo 🙂

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