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Michigan Backyard

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My friend Lisa recently moved into her dream house and found this beautiful and massive slug in her new backyard. I didn’t even know Michigan had slugs like this. Slugs and I have come a long way since I was a little girl living in Everson, Washington. I was terrified of the slugs there, they were HUGE and would totally cover our sidewalks in the morning.

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  • Pat Gundry says:

    What a photo! That slug is sliding across one of those mirrored reflecting globes on a pedistal. I’m wondering if the slug was doing this on its own, or if someone gently placed it there for its portrait.

  • Pat Gundry says:

    Oops. You’d think I’d know my own blog’s URL. My previous comment’s website URL should be noodlefactory.net not .com.

    I visit Michigan Sweet Spot blog every day at least once. And I’m usually tempted to leave a comment, but don’t because I usually can’t think of anything new to say. My daily comments would read: Wow! and then: Ditto!

    Thanks Ann, it’s a great service to your viewers to know that there will always be a great pic to look at, and if there isn’t a new one today, there are lots of good ones in the archives to visit again.

  • Lisa says:

    I would have kept this slug as a pet but he is larger than my chihuahua:-) I have always told my boys while they were growing up “if you kill it you eat it”. That way they always let bugs, frogs, toads, etc. go before they died. Well when I caught this slug both boys were hoping they could make me eat it. As beautiful as he is I think he looks better in your yard Ann:-)

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