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Marie Catrib’s Restaurant and Store … I Don’t Even Know Where to Start

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This post has been a long time coming. Let me tell you how much I love Marie Catrib’s. When I meet someone new in town, I tell them about Marie Catrib’s…when I’m super duper hungry and want something healthy and delicious, I go to Marie Catrib’s… when I meet someone special for a delicious home cooked meal with tons of flavor, Marie Catrib’s… when I don’t feel like cooking and want great carry out… you get the picture. In fact, I’m eating Marie Catrib’s right now!

Fouad, Marie and Egan

In all the years I’ve been going there, with all the meals I’ve had, I’ve never been disappointed. Not even once. Marie Catrib’s has a great selection of gluten free, vegan and vegetarian meals that will make you wonder why anyone needs gluten or meat in their diet when they can eat like that. In fact their gluten free bread is the awesome. Marie Catrib’s also offers up a delicious roast beef sandwich and the salmon surprise is something everyone should try at least once. Then there’s the desserts, my favorite is the chocolate crumble, it tastes like a brownie made like fudge and rolled in toasted oatmeal crumblies. Every time I go to Marie Catrib’s I tell myself, “not the chocolate crumble this time” and darn it, I buy one any way, I just can’t help myself.



Besides the delicious food, the atmosphere keeps me coming back. The staff is just so kind and genuine it’s obvious they consider everyone who walks through the door as friends and family. The locally owned and operated restaurant is run by Marie’s son Fouad and manager Egan. Sadly, in 2013 Marie passed away. They believe in using locally grown and raised food whenever possible, and it shows in the fresh flavors.

Here’s some helpful links: Marie Catrib’s website and menu.  I just had to add this below movie, the day after Valentine’s Day, I stopped by Marie Catrib’s and the soldier in the below movie was pacing around and said to me “You might want to stick around, something cool is going to happen.” Then he told me he had been at Fort Bragg and for a long time and was going to surprise his girlfriend… they gave me permission to post this.

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  • Pat Gundry says:

    OK, I know where to start. Start with dessert and buy it to take home. Get the pecan tarts, and some frozen gluten free brownies. The generous sized brownies come in round paper collared containers and have ganache frosting on top. Peel off the paper, put the brownie on an oven proof plate and heat in a 350 degree oven or microwave. Eat slowly in little bites, with a fork. They are the most wonderful thing I’ve ever eaten. I’m not exaggerating. Marie makes them plain, or with mint, caramel pecan, or raspberry in the middle of the brownie. Think happy thoughts about me whenever you eat one 🙂

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