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Lowell Showboat on the Flat River

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Lowell Showboat
I took this photo in Lowell late in the day, just as the sun was setting. I was facing main street, with the Lowell Showboat off in the distance. I love the beautiful river running through town and everything that comes with it, like the ducks and riverwalk. When I was taking this photo, there was a cute little girl feeding the ducks, which just made them crazy with joy.

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  • Pat Gundry says:

    Just when I think you can’t top your previous photo, you go and do it!

    I’m making it a daily habit to end my web surfing/email reading by visiting Michigan Sweet Spot. I like to get offline with a pleasant feeling. Your blog does it every time.

    I’m also going to blog about this on one or more of my own blogs, the need to end one’s computer time with something pleasurable. A link to your blog will be part of the post, I assure you.

    Thanks again for so many beautiful, vibrant, joyful, and peaceful pictures.

    I’ll be back.

  • Cliff Yankovich says:

    Very nice. Of course I am just a little bit partial to Lowell – the Next Place to Be! Thanks for putting up a neat perspective on the showboat.

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