HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Lazy Grazy Horses of Mid Michigan

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Grazy Lazy Horses
This was one of those “perfect moment” scenes where I was forced by circumstances to slam on my brakes, throw the car into reverse and get the shot. (FYI mom, there were no other cars around.)

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  • Dieter says:

    Awesome pic.

  • Adam Mc says:

    Great pictures… all over the site. I live in GR and have gotten many ideas from your site, of places and things that i already am familiar with that i can look for new photo ops. Are the HDR’s that you have with subjects made from a single file, or still multiples? I was looking for a contact email on the site but didn’t see one.

    great work


  • Ranee says:

    We also have the nice pond. In the spring and summer we have alot of ducks. Then this fall we have muskrat houses to view on the pond.
    thank you!

  • Ranee says:

    To the south of the pond is the awesome barn. I have an awesome winter picture of our property.
    thank you!

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