HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Stay off the ice, event though Lake Michigan is icy 4 miles out, it’s not safe.

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Went for a walk on Lake Michigan today and this is what I saw.

Went for a walk on Lake Michigan today and this is what I saw. Photo by Ann Teliczan

Usually I like to go to Lake Michigan in the summer, but with all the cold weather and snow we’ve had, I thought that this would be a good time to check out the landscape. Wow! It was spectacular, this icy sculpture is the lighthouse, and the vast ice field beyond it, is the lake. I took this photo in Grand Haven, MI at the lighthouse.

UPDATE: since I posted this 7 days ago, I’ve had over 42,000 page views of this post so I wanted to answer some of the questions I’ve been getting… 1) the dark object to the left of the “ice wave” is a person, not an eagle. There were a lot of people walking around on the frozen lake, I was not one of them, I was walking on the frozen pier, which is where I was when I took this photo. I am too chicken to walk out on frozen lakes, especially big frozen lakes, and strongly recommend staying off the lake, even if it is frozen.   2) the snow and ice surrounding the wave, is Lake Michigan which is now 80% covered in ice.   3) I am happy for you to share my photo, as long as you link it back to this blog post,  if you share it on Facebook, please also tag me (Ann Gundry Teliczan). Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback, it’s great to be appreciated.

UPDATE 2: Even thought there is an icy layer on the lake, it is not safe. Here is an article about people falling through the ice out there this winter, even if other folks are out there on the ice, please, please, please don’t risk it it.

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