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Kray Kray about KoKo Fitclub in Grand Rapids!

Get fit with KoKo Fitclub in Grand Rapids.

The customized workouts are about 30 minutes, because you are able to stay at one workout station. Each member has a “fit key” that plugs into the machine with their customized workout program.

There’s still time to get fit before swimsuit time this summer. But wait, are you like me when it comes to physical fitness? If I can’t have these things, I’m probably not going to be consistent with my workout:

  1. Fast: I want a workout that can be done in 30 minutes or less.
  2. Convenient: workout times need to be flexible and I don’t want to have to schedule anything ahead of time.
  3. Easy to follow workout: I hate having to look up my routine on a card and have to figure out how to do it, and I want to make sure I have good form.
  4. Effective: if I’m going to show up, I want to KNOW that I’m taking the best and quickest route to strong and lean.
  5. Safe: getting hurt doesn’t work so good for me.
  6. Affordable
  7. Evidence of results before I can see them: yep, I know that sounds unreasonable, but it’s true, I’m impatient and I lose motivation when I don’t see an immediate drop in my weight on the scale.

This monitor is attached to the workout pod, it makes it easy to follow along, keep good form and does all the thinking for you. It even helps pace your workout and turns it into a game.

KoKo Uses New Technology for Motivation and to Offer Everything Listed Above KoKo Fit literally addresses all of these potential setbacks for me with unique equipment that makes training fast, convenient, custom-tailored, effective, safe and affordable. As a member, each time I check in, I can track my progress with cool technology that provides a complimentary body analysis. In about a minute, it measures my percentage of muscle mass and fat, this is uploaded to my personal profile so I can track my progress. This is a game changer for me because I can see how I’m doing before it shows in my weight or clothes.

The local KoKo website explains a lot of this better than I can, or better in, stop in or call one of their locations to see for yourself how they are different. The people there are nice, with absolutely no pressure at all.

If you live in the Ada/Cascade/Forest Hills area, the Cascade location is super convenient: Cascade KoKo Fitclub: 2845 Thornhills Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI  Phone: 616-301-5366

If you live in the Northeast Grand Rapids area, the Beltine location is close to you: Beltline KoKo Fitclub 2830 East Beltline NE, Grand Rapids, MI  Phone: 616-432-3171

In case you are wondering, no, I’m not getting paid or receiving any other benefit whatsoever to share this info about KoKo Fitclub. I simply like the place that much and want to share it with you. Members tend to stick around. When I first joined, one of the members was lamenting that he had to move to Ohio and there wasn’t a KoKo Fitclub in the area. He was seriously looking into buying a franchise to put near his new home so he could continue with this program that had been so good to him. That’s how much people love this place, and frankly, it’s been a bit of a secret. So, for those of you who check this out, you’re welcome!

Michigan Sweet Spot Special Deal (Cascade & Beltline locations only): Just mention Michigan Sweet Spot and get 1/2 off startup fees (fees include KoKo key, 24 hour access key, water bottle and tech bag with t-shirt.)

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