HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

I Took This Photo With My iPhone4

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Backyard farming in Michigan

A couple of weeks ago my new iPhone4 came in and I decided to get it in spite of the reception problems. Truth be told, I have been using Mac products for my entire career and have yet to be disappointed with the company. I LOVE the iPhone4, it is a huge upgrade from the original iPhone, which is what I had. Here’s why:

– The optics are amazing, result, everything is easier to read and a joy to look at.

– I love the movie camera on the phone, it takes great video and is so convenient. I won’t be dragging around my movie camera any more.

– The still camera. Okay, it’s not as good as my SLR, but for crying out loud, it takes great photos and again, it’s convenient.

– All the apps. The scope of truly helpful apps that are free or just $1.99 boggle my mind. Everything from making expense reports easier, to tracking my workout program.

I just thought you might find it interesting that I took this photo with my iPhone. After taking it, I processed it with Topaz Labs software.

About the photo… more and more Michigan residents are raising chickens in their backyard. That would include my friend Ruth, these are her “Chickapees.” They follow her around everywhere and are so cute, she even tolerates them tearing up her amazing flower gardens (at least until recently!) Grand Rapids is considering and ordinance to allow homeowners to keep up to 5 chickens in their backyards. A similar ordinance has been effect in Ann Arbor since 2008. I love visiting her and watching her chickens, they make me laugh.

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