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I… Miss… Summer!!!

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A Perfect Michigan Summer Day

A Perfect Michigan Summer Day

Okay, it’s official. I’m tired of winter. I think I smelled spring in the air two days ago too. I took this photo last summer on White Lake, which, by the way is a great place to go boating. It’s a nice sized lake with a great boat launch and then if you want some REAL excitement, you can blast on over to Lake Michigan through the channel.

So here’s why I stay here in spite of a too long winter:

1. Perfect summer days like the one here.

2. No matter where you live in Michigan, you’re minutes away from an outdoor adventure. Even in the city.

3. Low cost of living so you can have a much nicer home here than most places, and get one on the water.

4. My family, which is close by.

5. Great friends.

6. Great job.

7. Great neighbors.

8. LOVE Grand Rapids, not too big, not too small, big city venues, small city convenience.

9. All the beautiful beaches.

10. Great seaside towns with art galleries galore.

So, how about some other Michigander feedback? What keeps you here?

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  • Terri says:

    I lived in Southern California for 20 years and sometimes I still miss some of the things that are uniquely “Californian”, but I don’t miss the smog, the crowds of people no matter where you went, the high price of homes, the traffic, green places (literally). In Michigan, I love the anticipation of the next season, no matter the season, the natural beauty, the fact that you can actually see the stars in the night sky. My husband, a native Michigander loves the snow. As a native Californian, I get to enjoy easy access to natural bodies of water and UNCROWDED beaches.

  • As much as I hate to whine about the weather, I must agree that the cold temps are wearing me out.
    I have lived in Metro Detroit, Traverse City, Tucson, AZ, and a couple of other places but I still like GR – for the very reasons you gave – big enough to have really cool things, but small enough to navigate easily.
    Lake Michigan is truly a GREAT Lake.

  • Brad Winter says:

    I have lived in Europe and in a different state but the love I have for those places is no where close to the love I have for Michigan. This is the place were I spent a great deal of my childhood and have traveled all over the state. My fondest childhood memories take place right in this state. Growing up my family and I would go up north to Sleeping Bear Dunes every year and visit all the towns in that area. We used to go see drive in movies in the Cherry Bowl. I long to have those vacations back. I love thinking about them. All the little Coastal towns are amazing. One of the best parts about Michigan is the light houses. There are so many and I love going to see them, no matter how many times I have already seen them. I am currently planning a camping trip in the Sleeping Bear Dunes area in March with my brother. Over the past 4 or 5 years my family has always wanted to go to Florida for Christmas (just like everyone else it seems) and I always try to persuade them to go up north for a week in the snow instead, but they never listen. I am a Michigan man through and through, I want to stay here for the rest of my life (hopefully further north though, I’m currently living in East Lansing). Judy Garland once sung, “I was born in Michigan,
    and I wish and wish again
    that I was back in the town where I was born”

  • southfielddrive says:

    I was born in Michigan and lived there until I left for Ontario to avoid the draft. My sister still lives in Kalamazoo. We come back to visit several timmes a year. And we have a cabin near Gladwin. Nothing like having roots and my roots are in Michigan. The seasonality gives Michigan so much to offer. The economic status might not be so hot right now, but things will change. I am just about to retire and this will allow me to spend even more time in Michigan. Gladwin — here I come.

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