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What the? Curious Goats

What the? Curious Goats

I’m almost a little embarrassed to admit that up until I took this picture, I had never “met” a goat before. These little stinkers are REALLY cute and fun. First off, they are curious and secondly, very funny.

I was bored, so deliberately got lost in Coopersville farmland. I saw this farm with goats and the farm owner was nice enough to show me around and let me take some photos.

When the goats saw me standing on the fence to take this picture, they all stared at me like “Hey lady, what the heck are you doing there, shouldn’t you be in here standing on the picnic table with us and playing?”

Some people have goats for pets, and now I know why. If I was home more, I’d be one of them. As I was leaving the farmer told me that some of their goats are for sale. If you would like to find out more about owning a goat of your own: Call Beth at (616) 837-6432.


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