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Hey Snoop, Michigan Loves You

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Snoop Concert
Here’s the crowd at Snoop Dog’s concert at Rothbury, I don’t know how many people were here, but it was a lot. I can’t say enough good things about Rothbury, even though there is a big crowd, they are managing it very, very well. I’ll be posting lots more photos of Rothbury but it’s late so nighty night I’ll show you some more tomorrow. If you are thinking of going there, it’s not too late there’s plenty more going on Saturday and Sunday. Here’s a link to the Rothbury website.

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  • Otis says:

    I can see myself in the pic. Dark shirt, hat, drinking a beer, counting from lower right hand corner of pic 4 people up.

    I’m not a rap fan at all (more of a Zappa fan), but Snoop Dogg was funny and entertaining as hec. I even enjoyed the 20 minute segment where he kept yelling, “What’s my f_____g name?”

  • coconuth8r says:

    I like that he kept shouting out to East Lansing…

  • Tara says:

    Can I buy this picture?

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