HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Happy Valentine’s Day, Especially to Those of You In the Military Away from Your Loved Ones

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Lake Michigan is Waiting for You to Come for a Visit this Summer.

An email I got a couple of days ago from Dustin, who served in the Marine Corps for five years, made me think about how hard it must spend holidays like this so far from your loved ones. Today I’m dedicating my post to all of you serving in the military. You are loved and appreciated here at home. Thank you for your sacrifices, you are not forgotten.

Since so many of you are overseas in the desert, here’s a nice cool drink of the Northern Michigan shoreline.

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  • Peggy says:

    Beautiful photo, Ann. I can imagine the sound of the waves against the shoreline.
    The Military deserves the BEST for all they give up in their home lives to protect us.

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