HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Greenville Trails

, / 1850 3

This mermaid statue overlooks an area undergoing renovation at the third stage of a four stage trail project that will make it possible to go anywhere in the city by, biking, walking or skating–without having to go on roads. The trails wind along the river and beautiful wooded areas. Here’s a link to a a web page with information about Greenville’s various parks and trails.


  • william hempel says:

    I like the little mermaid copy, I collect such photos worldwide. When was she made, and who is the sculptor.

  • anna says:

    Have you seen the time lapse video of the trail?


    It inspired us to go up and ride it… it’s a total rush – up hill, down hill, around curve, under bridge, thru the tunnel… it’s seriously fun. And goes right by McDonald’s *just* when you need to stop for a cone.

    You’ve reminded me just in time for fall color. I think we’ll have to take it, again, and see the colors, this time!

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