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Greenville Surprise!

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For those of you familiar with Greenville’s recent past, you may be surprised at what I found when I got the grand tour from their City Manager, George Bosanic. I wondered if I’d find a place struggling to get by with the exodus of their largest employer, Electrolux.

Instead, it is very clear that Greenville is an up and coming community that is “making lemonade out of lemons.” They are well on their way to completing ambitious plans to make it an even more wonderful place to live with the best of history, modern urban planning and the type of lifestyle a city with three lakes and a river running through it affords.

The picture you see here was taken on a road that winds along the edge of Baldwin Lake. I took it near Baldwin Beach, which is being renovated. Here’s a Google map link to the approximate area I took this photo. I’ll be posting pictures all week of the special places I found here.

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  • Mitch Mihora says:

    An amazing photo of Baldwin Lake! Greenville is such a beautiful place it’s nice to see that you took full advantage with your photos. Used to live there years ago and good to hear the city’s doing well. Also used to live next door to George Bosanic, and good to know he’s doing well also. Can’t wait till the next time I get to visit. Great work with the photography!

  • Gary J. White says:

    I grew up at baldwin lake dr. and pine. ( What used to be the old pick-nick area) at one time I knew every one at the lake, as a kid, it was ev en my paper route. Used to go up the hill, on the right of the picture and play, and run the dog. Thanks for the memories.

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