HDR Photography of the Real Michigan

Greenville Forest Home Cemetery

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It's not a house... for the living.

Seeing as how Halloween is nearing I thought I’d share some pics from my favorite cemetery, not that I like frequenting cemeteries. But my friend Peggy does, so I stopped by here with Peggy. She actually noticed this hidden away in the shadows and pointed it out to me. Stay tuned, there’s more of this coming your way.

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  • Sherie Kosten says:

    Visited cemetery today with my sister. What a peaceful, restful, strange place. The design of the headstones are amazing and we took many pictures. How in the world did they bury people and put such large monuments on the steep hills in the 1800’s? Horse and buggies and a lot of hard labor to dig the graves on those hills. Even now, I can’t imagine the maintenance required to keep this historical place in its’ excellent condition!

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